DIY Tips for Spot Cleaning a Liquid Spill Out of Your Residential Carpet

Carpeting is a high-end flooring option that many homeowners across Australia love because it provides a warm and cosy feeling below the feet. Additionally, carpets come in a range of aesthetically fabric colours to ensure homeowners can find a product that suits their interior appearance. But every good thing has a downside.

A major disadvantage of carpeting is that it usually harbours more dirt, making cleaning tasks much more difficult than with any other flooring option available on the market. Even though homeowners will need to hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean their carpeting when required, some things just can't wait for the professionals to arrive – like accidental spills, for example. Homeowners should know how to clean out liquid spills before they can dry on the carpeting and become stubborn stains. 

If you've installed carpeting flooring in your home, here's what you should do when you spill coffee, fresh juice or any other liquid that could potentially leave behind a nasty stain on your carpeting.

Don't wait; just swing into action

Whenever you spill a liquid that can create a stain on your carpeting on the floor, you should begin cleaning the spill right away. Why is this so important to act without delay? The longer the spill stays on your carpeting, the more it will spread the stain, which may also be more difficult to remove when left unattended. Therefore, you had better act fast if you're to have a good chance at effectively removing any spill stains from your carpeting.

Give plain water a go

With so many cleaning products being commercially sold on the market today, it's no wonder that several people overlook the cleaning ability of plain water. To clean a spill with water, you will need a bucket of clean water and a clean dry towel or rag. Wet the towel or cleaning rag in the water and then squeeze off the excess water. Place the wet cloth over the stained spot and gently blot up to absorb the spill. Patiently do this repeatedly while waiting for the spill to be completely soaked up. 

Use a cleaning agent

If the plain water doesn't work, you will need to repeat the same cleaning process, only that this time around, you will have to use a cleaning agent. The cleaning agent will need to be applied on the cleaning towel or rag and not the carpeting. This will help prevent soaking the carpet with cleaning solution when spot cleaning. If the spill still does not come out, you will need to call in a professional carpet cleaner from a company like You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning to deal with it.